Kidney Stones

Kidney Stones are terribly painful and expensive events. They can damage the kidney and even prove fatal in rare circumstances. Surgical procedures, hospitals, lithotripsy and time away from work are all part of the costs.

Kidney Stone prevention is therefore one of our main goals. We try to find the cause of the stone formation in almost anyone who has had multiple stones, large stones or a difficult time treating their stone.

The key to prevention is a large urine output to keep the urine clear and dilute. In most adults we recommend a 2 quart a day urine output. You may need to drink 3 to 4 quarts of liquid a day to produce 2 quarts of urine per day.

A good dietary history will be taken. We will send off to the lab any stones passed or retrieved for a composition analysis. Please bring us any stones that you pass…yes retrieve it from the toilet! Finally we often do a metabolic evaluation consisting of a blood tests and 24 hour urine collections to see why stones form in your urine. Urine collections are often done with collection kits called Litholink or UroRisk. We will order these for you when indicated. Once collected, all of the above information is evaluated and a specific set of recommendations will be given to each patient.

The tough part about managing your kidneys tones is sticking to the recommendations for the rest of your life. Once you have made a stone you have a 30 to 70 % chance of having another one in your lifetime. Remembering your kidney stone pain is a useful motivator.

Did you know..stones were mostly a male problem until the last 15 years, now women predominate.

Did you know… obesity is a strong risk factor for making stones.

Did you know…there are 4 different kinds of calcium over excretion form the kidneys.

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