Experts In Vasectomy and Urological Treatments

Dr. Snoy is a general urologist. In addition to vasectomies he also treats:
• Bladder control
• Overactive bladder
• Bladder cancer
• Urinary incontinence
• Kidney stones
• Prostate disorders
• Prostate cancer
• Erectile dysfunction

Testis Cancer

This is a cancer of young men. It usually presents in the teenage years, twenties and thirties. It becomes increasingly uncommon in the forties, fifties and later years. Men usually will discover a lump or firm area in the testicle which is not particularly painful. Unfortunately patients don’t always seek medical evaluation very quickly.

There are several types of testis cancer. They are treated with surgery, radiation and chemotherapy depending on the tumor type. Men should do testicular self exam or TSE monthly just like women should do monthly breast exams. Urologists recommend that once a month, say on the first day of each month you should examine the testicles in a warm shower when they are hanging low and easily examined. Watch for lumps or bumps or changes from previous examinations. If you are concerned about any changes you should see your doctor and possibly get an ultrasound examination.